I strive for more available, user friendly and inspiring web experiences.


My occupation centres around ergonomics and UX design. I establish the design of each site based on the experience it provides to the user regardless of the entry point (home page, category, product, promotion) or the device used (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Design approach

While working on the design of a website I immediately take into consideration page navigation ease of use, ergonomics and narration. I believe the best sites are those that know how to tell a story and guide the visitor, making sure they see exactly what is intended.

Technical approach

I endeavour to put an ergonomic, user friendly and inspirational vision of the web into place, using HTML, and doing so as early as possible. Following the "design in code" approach allows the project to come to life more rapidly than a simple template -> code procedure. This allows the test phase to begin at the same time as the creation phase. This being the perfect way to determine and repair ergonomic and function related problems that occur with the arrival of the responsive web.

Graphic ambition

I am not a graphic designer but an interface and user experience designer. I do not create logos or visual identities, although I take pleasure in adapting these to compatible web versions. I like to work with talented graphic designers to create attractive, functional and ergonomic websites.

Personal ambition

I wish to take the web as far as possible.
From simple beginnings as a way of sharing information, the internet has become a part of all media outlets, let it be the written word, illustration, radio or television. I believe that the web is the most extraordinary media in which I can work and I am resolved to be a part of the constant expansion and improvement of this as the ultimate communication and connection tool.